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Delonghi Roto Fryer - The Best Electric Deep Fryer


delonghi roto fryer"I found the Delonghi Roto Fryer to be the best and finest deep fryer, period!"

The Delonghi Cool Touch Easy Clean Roto Fryer is the king of electric deep fryers because of it's unique patented design which translates into real world practical and useful benefits (unlike gimmicky designs that has no real world benefits). Once you include the potential health benefits of it's:

tilted non stick interior 

rotating basket 

easy clean system 

cool touch exterior 

then you have a true winner that has been highly rated by both professionals and regular users like you and I, ever since it became available in the 1990's (at least that is when I purchased my first Rotofryer).

Because of my excellent experience (read more about it) with the Delonghi Roto Deep Fryer (available in original white and the new black), I whole heartedly recommend this unique and amazingly designed electric deep fryer, that not only fries wonderfully (less greasy and more crispy), but it is also very easy to use and keep clean.

It uses less oil than other fryers, and along with it's unique filtering and storage system for oil re-use, makes it a very cost effective fryer to use. 

While I have not tried the other Delonghi fryer models, I have been so impressed by their rotofryer's innovative design, which is geared towards the smart everyday user, that if the other models are in any way designed with the same thought as the Roto Fryer D865UX, then they are certainly worth considering.

The white original RotoFryer that I have (D895UX) HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED and has been replaced by a black version, with some differences, though the roto fryer design is still intact.

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NEW ==> DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer, Black/Silver <== 

Discontinued model: DeLonghi D895UX Cool-Touch ROTO Fryer

Delonghi Cool Touch Deep Fryer

 The Cool Touch fryer is very much like the Roto fryer in exterior styling and the cool touch and easy clean feature, but without the tilted interior and rotating basket.

As a result it offers more space for frying larger portions at a time (2.2 lbs food capacity, requiring 2 L oil) and is better suited for larger group frying.

However, I would still recommend the roto deep fryer over the cool touch, simply because of the additional benefits of the slanted interior and rotating basket. When you wish to cook in larger quantities, fry in batches. It is well worth it.

However, if size is a critical issue for you, then the Cool Touch Deep Fryer is worth considering. If you are looking for an even larger capacity fryer, then the Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryers are also well designed and unique fryers to check out.

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  ==> DeLonghi D677UX Deep Fryer <==

 Delonghi Dual Zone Fryer

 The Dual Zone Fryer is a traditional style fryer with open heating elements and has the unique feature of a dual zone, and is currently available in 2 models. This is Delonghi's largest capacity fryer with a 3 lbs capacity, requiring 4 L oil.

This fryer has a unique dual zone technology which enables the area below the heating element to be cooler. This reduces the burning of food remnants from frying, keeping the odor and vapor to a minimum plus also keeping the oil in a better condition for reuse.

This model also has an easy clean system with a drain for the oil to be taken out.

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==> DeLonghi D24527DZ Dual Zone Deep Fryer <==

To review the key differences between each Delonghi fryer model/style, this comparison chart will help to focus your search.

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