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Electric Deep Fryer Buying Guide


Before you buy your first or replacement electric deep fryer, consider the following four aspects as key to buying a good electric fryer:





Do not compromise on safety (you are dealing with hot oil), and ensure that the quality, health implications and cost of the fryer and using it makes the best sense for your needs:

Safety Design

Given that the old fashioned way of frying is in a pan with no lid or cover, the danger of hot oil splattering and even worse spilling is high. Electric fryers are meant to overcome these dangers. The key things to look for are:

  • Locking lid, so it is closed during frying   
  • Remote handle for lowering and raising the frying basket, allowing you to load the food out of the oil, closing the lid and then lowering the basket into the oil; hence avoiding the initial splatter  safety
  • Breakaway magnetic cord, so an inadvertent entanglement will break the cord away from the fryer without pulling it  
  • Cool exterior, so it does not burn while using the fryer before, during and after frying   
  • Viewing window, so you can see inside without opening the lid, reducing the chance of splatters and or fumes or steam escaping unnecessarily  
  • Non-sliding legs, with good quality non-skid pads at the bottom of the fryer legs to ensure minimal movement during use  
  • Easy to pick up and move, for storage or when taking it out or moving around in the kitchen  


Quality of Design and Material

Well made quality products at a reasonable price should always be your goal. My experience is that if you are a regular fryer, it is better to buy quality than to try to save a few dollars. Do not be cent wise and dollar foolish. Look for: 

  • Removable Lid and other parts, so they can be removed and washed in the dishwasher  
  • Easy to Clean, with regards to taking out the oil and storing it. Ensure that the frying pot is removable or has a drainage tap or other mechanism for draining out the oil without lifting the fryer or the interior pot out for filtering and storage  
  • Non Stick Interior, making it easier to keep the interior clean and for the oil and fried food particles to come away easily  quality
  • Precise Temperature Control and not just a on-off or low, medium to high switch, allowing for better frying for different kinds of foods at different temperatures, which not only will taste better but give a crispier result and not burnt or greasy feel  
  • Oil Temperature Control and how quickly does the fryer heats up and maintains that temperature or go back to the selected temperature for frying after cold or frozen food is introduced in the fryer is important for ensuring quality fried foods  
  • Indicator Light that the oil is at the desired frying temperature, so you do not fry before the oil has reached the correct temperature  
  • Size of the Fryer, since fryers come in different sizes which impacts the amount of food you can fry at a time. This is key if a large size is critical. Normally, it is tempting to go for the biggest size, but that can mean a greater amount of oil and longer to heat and heavier to handle. A larger capacity fryer will require a greater amount of oil required as a minimum for frying, and as a result greater oil waste. So, it is better to get a smaller size and cook in batches, if you do not cook large amounts on a regular basis  

Health Impact of Fryer Design

Fried foods have a negative health reputation. There is nothing wrong with eating fried foods, if done in moderation. You can also reduce potential health effects by use a fryer that allows you to fry in ideal conditions and not fry at incorrect temperatures or utilize old or dirty oil:

  • Oil Cleaning, is key since most of us do not use fresh oil every time we fey something, especially small items or items without batter. The best fryers are the ones that has a drainage tap or spout for easy cleanup and storage of used oil, ideally allowing for easy filtering of oil for reuse. These easy to clean fryers are great since it means you are more likely to clean the fryer and the oil. This is critical since a clean fryer is good hygiene and a cleaner oil, without premature degradation due to burned food particles is healthier and likely to last longer.  
  • Oil Quantity used, less oil use allows for less likelihood of being tempted to use old and degraded oil for frying, which is not healthy.   healthy imapact
  • Filter, there are two types, permanent mesh or replaceable kinds. The advantage of the permanent type filter is that you do not have to keep buying replacements, but it requires greater cleaning and upkeep. The replaceable means another expense, but usually is better at reducing odor and oil vapors from polluting the kitchen and home area.   
  • Washing and Cleaning is something we often overlook in our buying decision. Part of healthy frying is keeping the fryer very clean. A fryer interior which has a tap or spout for draining oil, is great also for washing the interior. It makes it easy to wash the interior with soapy hot water and draining out the water by placing the fryer next to the sink.    
  • Precise Temperature Control, for better frying. Too high a temperature will burn the food and result in less than optimally cooked food since the interior may not fully cook, especially if it is frozen or thick, and also will reduce the life of the oil. Too low of a temperature will allow for greater oil absorption and will take longer to cook oil.   
  • Basket, a rotating basket, a unique feature of the Roto Fryer, rotates the food in and out of the oil, leading to less oil absorption and lighter and crispier food.  
  • Cooler Oil Area below the heating elements (such as in the Dual Zone Technology) a technology that allows for a cool zone beneath the heating element of fryers that have open heating elements. This allows for lower temperature below the basket which in turn keeps the food particles that drop down from burning and creating odor and oil degradation  

Cost Over Life of Fryer

The only way to determine the true cost of a fryer is to include the cost of oil also. While it may be tempting to only consider the upfront cost, oil will make up a significant part of what you will spend, much more than the initial fryer cost. In addition, the quality of the fryer is equally important since cheap will cost more if it breaks often and/or does not fry as well as it should. To get the best out of a modern fryer, one has to also include the cost of filters, which go a long way in keeping your kitchen clean and smelling nice.

  • Initial Up-Front Cost is what we usually look at when buying a fryer. Fryers come in price ranging from very cheap to very expensive. For most frequent and even  mediumcost users, a high quality deep fryer is cost effective, if it is well designed, cooks well, uses less oil, is easy to clean because it will not only last longer than the average fryer, but it will have better safety and quality results due to better design and material 
  • Oil Usage Cost is one of the most important cost factors for a fryer. As you may know, fryers generally use a lot of oil, which can get quite expensive. Some designs allow for smaller quantity of oil for similar amount of food (tilted interior of the Roto Fryer). This feature alone can save a significant amount of money over the life of the fryer and can pay for itself many times over. Ideally, the smaller the amount of oil for cooking food that you normally fry, is better, allowing use of any oil, even specialty oils, without breaking the bank and replacing as frequently as necessary. The Roto Fryer, while on the smaller side, uses half the amount of oil for a similar sized regular fryer. 
  • Filters for ensuring optimal performance of a fryer is equally important and should be factored in. A filter is an integral part of a good fryer. When purchasing a fryer, do look at the cost of replacement filters. Again, quality filters from the manufacturer will ensure that it last longer than some generics.

For a great, beautifully design and practical deep fryer that consistently rank high with real world users and professionals alike, consider the Delonghi Deep Fryer range of fryers. While my favorite and highly recommend fryer is the Delonghi Roto Fryer, the Cool Touch and Dual Zone Fryers from Delonghi are also special and worth considering, since each model offers it's own advantages.


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