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Delonghi Roto Deep Fryer Cool Touch D895UX -  My Review


"The best deep fryer purchase I have made !"

delonghi roto fryer
What makes the Delonghi Roto Fryer so special?
 Why do I highly recommend it?

The Roto Fryer, with it's cool touch exterior, has a patented rotating basket housed in a non-stick tilted area, that allows for use of half the amount of oil required, to move the food in and out of the oil, which can be cleaned and re-used easily using it's hidden drainage pipe and filtering / storage system. 

What does all this mean?

Is it just all marketing gimmicks to justify its higher price? 

The answer is a big NO.  The Delonghi Roto Fryer is a finely tuned, well designed frying machine!

As you might have guessed, I am a really big fan of the Delonghi Roto Fryer. Let me tell you why. 

DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer, Black/Silver

The older model (DeLonghi D895UX Cool-Touch ROTO Fryer has been discontinued and replaced by the above model). The older discontinued model is better designed, but the black is more color friendly for the stainless steel kitchen decor of today, and seems to be slighter bigger in food capacity.

My personal experience with the Delonghi Roto Fryer

I first used the Rotofryer D895UX (now the D28313UX) in the 1990's (not sure what the model number was at that time). I loved it so much that I even gave them as gifts (by the way they make great wedding gifts, holiday gifts and special occasion gifts).

When my Delonghi fryer finally required replacement, I made the huge mistake of trying something "cheaper" and hopefully better.

Since then, I tried different brands with both hidden and exposed heating elements. None of them had the roto fryer's unique features.

At the end of the day, after having gained extensive experience with different electric deep fat fryers, I feel I can truly say that
 found the Delonghi Roto Fryer to be the best and finest deep fryer, period!".

Back to The Roto

So, in 2010, as I began to really get back into frying again, I finally went back and purchased the Delonghi Roto Fryer model D895UX. See it in action below:


DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer, Black/Silver

I could not be more pleased. It once again reaffirmed the reasons why I remembered it to be a solid performer. I highly recommend you to consider it, as you begin to look at purchasing a top rated best deep fryer. The fryer buying guide may be useful to go over.

Main Benefits of all the Unique Features

The main benefits of the roto fryer are that the quality of fried food is great, and that it uses less oil than other fryers, allowing for safer handlingeasier cleaning and convenient oil storage for re-use.

Frying Quality roto fryer slanted interior and rotating basket image

The rotating tilted basket takes the food in and out of the oil, as it fries. Amazingly, it results in a better fried food which also is somewhat less greasy. I hope and believe that it is healthier too?

My experience has been that most foods fry nice and crispy. French fries are not soggy and golden. The reason for it's stellar frying capability is the true thermostat (300 -370 degrees F) that reaches its temperature setting quickly and retains its level easily. However, when I am lax with my temperature setting or put too much into the basket, my results are less than optimal. My fault and not that of the fryer.

A problem with frying a heavily battered piece is that it does create a mess and can get stuck to the basket. The best technique for frying such foods is to gently put the battered piece into the oil with a utensil and let it fry enough to set. You will be happy with the outcome.

Oil Consumption and Total Cost

The Roto Deep Fryer uses about half the amount of oil for frying that a typical similar sized fryer. If you are a regular fryer, it will not take long for you to come out ahead with the oil savings alone. Also, less oil will take less time to heat up, saving you energy also.

Less oil usage means lower cost to fry, and with the price of frying oil, it quickly adds up, especially if you are good about not over using old oil, as many do to save on cost. You do not have to worry about that with the rotofryer which uses only 1 liter of oil for cooking, unlike most other larger size fryers utilize 2 - 4 liters of oil. Admittedly, the capacity is smaller also. (1.5 lbs food capacity).

Also, take into consideration not only the amount of oil required to cook, but also the frequency of changing oil. Its easy clean system actually allow for the oil to be reused longer than ones I have experienced in an average fryer (see picture below).

The oil requirement (initial and ability to re-use) alone makes this cheaper to use in a relatively short time, plus you get the health benefits of crispy and less greasy food from the rotating basket and tilted interior.

When you last did some frying, what did you do with the oil afterwards? If it was full of bread crumbs or batter remnants, you probably did not use it again since it became dark and not a pleasant sight. Even worse, to save some money, you might have convinced yourself to re-used it just one more time. Unfortunately, that is detrimental to the quality of frying and food and not healthy. Doing so allows for the food particles to cook and burn, giving off strong unpleasant odor that fills your house.

Safety is Always Important

First of all it has all the safety features that a good quality fryer should have, such as non skid legs, viewing window and outside cool touch handle for raising and lowering the basket.

It also has a detachable magnetic power cord, so the chances of accidentally tipping it or pulling it of the counter is minimal.

This model has the cool touch exterior, and I mean a true cool touch exterior, unlike many others that claim to have it. you do not have to be concerned about burning yourself when handling it. The handle also allows for safely lowering the food safely into hot oil.

The viewing window, which can often get foggy, is a good feature and better than not having one. As long as you keep your lid nice and clean in between use and remember to put it into the dishwasher every now and then, which is easy to do with this fryer, the window will allow you to check on your frying.

Easy to Clean

filter and store oil for reuseDelonghi's easy to clean system includes the oil also, and not just the interior and exterior of the fryer.

This fryer has a drainage pipe for taking out the oil from the frying pot, which in turn is strained through a mesh filter straight into a storage container. (The mesh filter and storage container, including the pullout to hold the container is no longer included in the new D28313UX model, unfortunately, a cost saving measure I suspect. The drainage pipe is stilt included for easy cleanup).

Besides cleaning the oil, which prolongs the life of the oil, the storage container comes with an air tight lid. The container can now stored conveniently for later use. This patented system of draining the oil after use, not only makes it easy to keep the oil stored properly between use, but also makes it very easy to filter the oil as it is drained in to the storage container. In addition to using less oil, this allows less waste of perfectly good oil which may just otherwise be slightly filled with some food particles.

Clean oil not only will last longer, but will also have less degradation during next use. There is nothing worse than used oil that is dark and not as clean as it should be with remnants of previous fryings. non stick interior

In addition, the interior is lined with non stick material, further making the cleanup easier after oil drainage.

After taking out the oil, I usually place the fryer right next to the sink. After wiping the interior, there is nothing better than spray the pot with warm water with dish washing soap, which then drains out straight into the sink. Believe me, because it is so easy to clean, I am no longer lazy about doing it, as with the other fryers in the past.

The fryer lid also comes off and once you take out the filters, which are replaceable, it can be washed in the dishwasher.

The rotating basket also is easy to wash and clean, but not ideal for food with a lot of batter, as batter tends to get stuck in between the basket openings. Many have found, that if necessary, taking out the basket will help, although the benefits of the rotating basket is lost. Further, while I have not ever had a problem with the rotating mechanism, it is something that can break down like anything mechanical. Without the rotating mechanism, the Roto is essentially useless. However, the Delonghi quality is above average and I would not be too concerned about it. Just keep up with your cleaning for longer life.

The easy to clean system is one of the features that Delonghi believes very strongly in. Every model has a system for making cleaning easy.

Storage & Re-Use

With the drainage system for taking out the oil, which in turn is strained through a mesh filter straight into a storage container, not only allows for easy clean up but also ability to re-use oil without the dangers of less clean oil. The straining of oil and storing in a container is a very good practice and is easy to do with a inexpensive strainer and an easy to use storage container that can handle warm oil (remember to wait until the oil is almost cool before draining and straining)

The whole easy clean up and filtration/storage feature is my other favorite features to the tilted rotating basket.

Bottom Line

For me, this is it. While nothing is perfect, and I could improve upon the design, I highly recommend it.

However, this model may not be for everyone, especially if you are looking for a much large capacity fryer (this new model appears to have a bigger capacity of 2.2 lbs versus the 1.5 lbs food capacity of the older model, requiring 1 L oil). The Cool Touch Fryer  (not the roto fryer) is 2.2 lbs capacity requiring 2 L oil, without the roto features. The Dual Zone Fryer is even larger at 3 lbs capacity requiring 4 L oil, but is more of a traditional professional style fryer, without the roto technology.

Even if you feel that the fryer capacity is small for you, I suggest you seriously consider the roto fryer because of it's wonderful benefits. You can always cook in batches, and may even find yourself eating less fried food as a result (great for those of us battling the bulge).

The DeLonghi ROTO Fryer has definitely been a joy to use and I am not going back to anything else soon, unless Delonghi comes out with a better Roto!  

LATEST UPDATE: Delonghi has discontinued the original white D895UX 1.5 lbs food capacity model that I initially purchased, and replaced it with a similar model D28313UXBK 2.2 lbs food capacity model. Other than the color and some other minor changes, they now no longer provide the oil container for storing used oil, mesh filter for straining the oil before storage and the pullout for holding the storage container while emptying the pan. I prefer the older and better design, but will see if I can get used to the newer design. I don't think that should be a problem. The upside is that the price should be a bit lower since Delonghi has cut cost by taking this feature out. If you getting the Roto Fryer for the first time, you will not even miss it. 

DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer, Black/Silver

Key Roto Fryer Features

  • Large 2.2 lb. food capacity
  • Uses half the oil (just 1 litre) for a healthier way to fry with the patented rotating basket
  • No more dealing with messy hot oil! Patented cleaning system lets you drain the oil through an integrated hose, and directly into a container.
  • Reduce odor and vapors with replaceable anti-odor and anti-vapor filters
  • Fry foods to your preference with the adjustable thermostat
  • Never burn food again with the digital timer and bell signal
  • Monitor the entire frying process with the convenient viewing window
  • Safely raise or lower basket with the fryer lid closed to prevent splattering with the exterior handle
  • Ensures safe operation with detachable cord with patented condensation shield
  • Easy-to-clean with non-stick interior     

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